About Us

Welcome to VibrantED. We are a niche platform that helps place professionals in the new educator roles that fall outside the boundaries of traditional educator roles, such as classroom teacher or principal. We serve a growing network consisting of a wide variety of organizations that play a part in the ever-expanding learning ecosystem. Since 2020 we have helped 2,000,000 job seekers find their niche in the learning ecosystem.


Our mission is simple: we connect people who are seeking to contribute to the learning ecosystem with the latest job openings and opportunities, matching them with the right roles based on their skill sets, interests, and goals.

Curious about what role you might play in the learning ecosystem? Take our quiz and let our API find the right match for you.

Company Info:

VibrantED started out in 2018 as a holo-blog run out of founder and CEO Marcy Craig’s house. It aimed to highlight the many unique educator positions that were opening up as the learning ecosystem expanded and diversified. In 2020 we officially launched as a niche hiring platform. We are proud to announce that on our fifth anniversary we were awarded the 2025 Best Educational Staffing Platform Award by the Association of Ecosystem Trustees.

Our Team

The VibrantED team is made up of a diverse group of skilled individuals who have a passion for education. We are all dedicated to helping job seekers find their niche as the learning ecosystem continues to expand and diversify. We shape the future of learning by connecting the many organizations that make up the expanding learning ecosystem with highly motivated individuals whose unique skills sets align with the new educator roles.

Together, we work to help the learning ecosystem expand, because great talent still makes a difference to kids every day.

Meet Our Team:

Marcy Craig, Founder and CEO

Marcy’s career has always focused on matching people with the right opportunities. Before founding VibrantED, she founded Craig API, a boutique programing firm that created APIs for small businesses. As she ran her firm, she began to track and holo-blog about the expanded educator roles she saw emerging. Having grown up in a family of educators, with her mother being an elementary teacher and father a principal, Marcy was fascinated by the new types of roles she was reading about. Knowing how hard her parents’ jobs had been, she understood how important it was to see more diversification of educator roles. With a growing interest in her holo-blog, Marcy decided to combine her knowledge of APIs and her interest in new educator roles and in 2020 founded VibrantED. Marcy holds a nano-degree in API programming and holds numerous certificates, badges, and verified learning experiences (via personal blockchain) in VR and AR sciences, public education law, and systems dynamics.

You can connect with Marcy on Twitter @marcy_craig

Logan Joel, Chief Technology Officer

Logan has been fascinated with technology as long as he can remember. In middle school he hacked his family’s smart fridge so that it would order only ice cream. In high school he concentrated on programming and IT and helped to configure his school district’s smart contracts as his district began to use the blockchain. Today he applies his passion for technology by keeping VibrantED running smoothly across platforms.  Logan has earned multiple certifications in programming and IT through Code Camp and holds numerous technology-related micro-credentials.

Hannah Elizabeth, Chief Operations Officer

Hannah was most recently the Director of Operations at the micro-credential creation platform Badge U. Previous to that, she was the Assistant Ecosystem Steward for Ubique Academy. Hannah holds an MBA and a BA in education, both from the University of Houston.

Ting Sun, Chief Ecosystem Liaison Officer

As Chief Ecosystem Liaison Officer, Ting works with the many organizations seeking to fill roles through VibrantED. In addition to helping these organizations find potential employees, she also helps them identify other roles that might be needed in order to help local learning ecosystems grow more vibrant and meet learners’ needs. Before joining the team at VibrantED, Ting was a superintendent for the experimental Achieve District, which merged portions of West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania into one school district.  Ting earned a bachelor’s degree in English from UCLA, a master’s degree in educational administration from West Chester University and a doctorate in educational leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Cathy Miko, Director of Hiring Analytics

As the Director of Hiring Analytics, Cathy’s job is to constantly improve VibrantED’s analytics to make sure the platform is matching the best people with the right roles. Previously, Cathy worked for five years as an Analytics Engineer for Google. After leaving Google, she pursued and earned badges focusing on educational data, data use, data ethics, and data privacy law.

Dmitry Ivanov, Senior Algorithm Manager

Dmitry came to work at VibrantED back in 2020 as our student intern as part of his own learning journey. His mentor soon recognized that he had a talent for writing algorithms and worked with his learning pathway designer to shift his internship to focus more on writing and maintaining VibrantED’s algorithms while at the same time pursing credentials in programing as part of his formal class time. After graduating in 2021, Dmitry came to work for VibrantED full-time as an algorithm programmer, taking over as our Senior Algorithm Manager when his mentor, the former Senior Algorithm Manager, retired earlier this year. VibrantED is happy to have played a role in Dmitry’s learning journey and is even happier to have him playing such a vital role in the organization today

George Avila, Senior Marketing Director

Most recently, George led multichannel neuro-marketing at Learning Extravaganza. In his career as a marketer, he also has helped develop brands such as Learning Swarm Locater and Abacus VR. George studied psychology at Stanford University, holds a nano-degree in neuroscience, and is certified in neuro-linguistic programming.