Future Career Quiz

What’s your niche in the learning ecosystem?
1. When you look at the forest, you see...
The trees
The forest
The trails weaving through it
The color of the leaves and texture of the bark
How the animals in the forest are behaving
It’s all around me. I am walking in it.
The plants
I think about how nature can be used to improve my well-being.
The lessons that the forest can teach us
2. Your ideal day is spent...
At a desk
Trying to improve my community
Working closely with many people
Out and about in town
In a new place
Being deeply engaged with only a few people
Working out… my mind
Making sure things run smoothly
Observing the world around me
3. You are stuck on an island. What would you bring?
Yoga mat
Crossword puzzle
Field guide
Pictures of friends and family
Colored pencils
Swiss Army Knife
Magnifying glass
4. How would you best describe yourself?
People person
Big picture
Trail blazer
5. Which movie genre do you prefer?
Who has time to watch movies?
I prefer TV shows.
6. What’s your life’s goal?
Connect people together in meaningful ways
Make the world a better place
Mentor young people
Chart a path into the unknown
Know everything
Immerse myself in rich experiences
See the world clearly
Achieve Zen
Break out of the Matrix
7. Which of these is your ideal working environment?
Community / Town
Concert venue
Control room
Zen temple
8. What do you look for in a workplace?
Attention to detail
Customer interaction
Meaningful relationships
Room to grow intellectually
Social good
Ongoing reflection and evaluation
Workplace? Who wants to work in one place?
High level of responsibility
9. Which color or pattern best describes you?
10. Which pop star is your kindred spirit?
The Weeknd
Taylor Swift
Katy Perry
Justin Bieber
Bruno Mars
Career Quiz
Learning Pathway Designer
You are a trail blazer and a people person. You enjoy working with many people – learners, parents, learning journey mentors, and others – to track learners’ progress and pacing, model potential sequences of activities, and support learning activities aligned with competencies. You help learners set their visions and send them on the pathway to success.
Career Quiz
Learning Journey Mentor
You enjoy close relationships with a consistent group of people, getting to know them inside and out. You work directly with learners, helping to guide them through their educational journeys, to curate their learning experiences, and to frame questions and create strategies to collaborate with other learners who share the same interests.
Career Quiz
Competency Tracker
You are an explorer, one who seeks out new experiences and is always in the know about what’s fresh and new. During the course of your day, you explore new community-based learning opportunities, charting and mapping them by the competencies that they address. You make personalized learning pathways possible for all.
Career Quiz
Pop-Up Reality Producer
You are not the life of the party; you make the party happen, and you do so with a creative and visual flair that is all your own. You harness your creativity by working with educators, subject matter experts, story developers, and game designers to produce pervasive learning extravaganzas that engage learners in flow states and help them develop relevant skills, academic competencies, and know-how.
Career Quiz
Social Innovation Portfolio Director
You are a master networker who is extremely business savvy, and you use those skills to make your community better. You use your talents to build networks in support of meaningful service-based learning and community impact. You link student action-learning groups seeking to develop core skills and knowledge with organizations seeking creative solutions.
Career Quiz
Learning Naturalist
You are highly observant, finding great meaning in watching the world around you. You apply your powers of observation by designing and deploying assessment protocols that capture evidence of learning in students’ diverse learning environments and contexts, sort of like the croc hunter of learning.
Career Quiz
Micro-Credential Analyst
You think of yourself as a bit of a detective. You enjoy researching things in order to make sure they are what they say they are. Life is like a big puzzle to you; you just have to assemble the big picture one little piece at a time. You use your detective prowess to generate trusted, research-based evaluations and audits of micro-credential options and digital portfolio platforms. Your analysis provides learners and educational institutions with comparative quality assurance metrics appropriate to an expanded learning ecosystem.
Career Quiz
Data Steward
Data is your obsession. Where does it come from? What does it mean? How can it be used more effectively? Are we using data ethically? These are the questions that keep you up at night and drive your work. Your role in the learning ecosystem is to act as a third-party information trustee who ensures responsible and ethical use of personal data. You also maintain broader education data system integrity and guide others in making effective use of data through purposeful analytics.
Career Quiz
NeuroFitness Coach
You love to help others become bigger, stronger, and faster. The phrase, “I am going to pump you up!” may not have originated with you, but you own it. Yet, none of your clients has ever picked up a weight or set foot in a gym. Your job is to help people flex their mental muscles, helping them achieve optimal levels of cognitive performance. You draw on a wide variety of tools, from mindfulness training, to diet, to nootropics, in order to help learners achieve peak mental fitness.
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