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This website is a simulation from 2025 that brings to life possibilities for future educator roles.
Part of KnowledgeWorks’ ongoing exploration of the future of learning, it aims to help visitors imagine how educator roles may change and diversify over the next 10 years. The job descriptions on this site were developed from “Exploring the Future Education Workforce: New Roles for an Expanded Learning Ecosystem.” To read more, you can download the paper here.

You can also dive deeper into the simulation by visiting possible companies of the future: Amoeba Learning and Learning Extravaganza. Or follow any of these future personas on Twitter to gain insight into their possible educational world and into the jobs they have available at VibrantED: Marcy Craig, VibrantED Founder and CEO; Melanie Moody, Social Innovation Portfolio Director, Ubique Academy; Leticia Castillo, Ecosystem Steward, Ubique Academy; Jermaine Brooks, Social Innovation Portfolio Director, Fortis Community Solutions; Alex Brock, Chief of Quality Assurance, California Office of Education Equity and Quality; Helen Zhang, Learning Pathway Designer, RestorEd; Heidi Perry, Director, LearningExtravaganza; and Juan Cook, Competency Tracker and Chief Navigator, Amoeba Learning.

Immersing yourself in possible job postings of the future can help guide decisions about present-day strategy – so as to shape your preferred future or to prepare for whatever the future might look like.
To help more people explore future possibilities for learning, we invite you to share on social media using the hashtag #FutureED.

Exploring the Future Education Workforce: New Roles for an Expanding Learning EcosystemClick here to download the paper now!