Learning Journey Mentor

March 15, 2025
FlexCareerWeb Consortium
Irving, TX

FlexCareerWeb Consortium, a catalyst organization in Cedar Rapids’ learning ecosystem, coordinates learning modules and micro-credentials across education providers and businesses. Consortium members work together to ensure stability for our local education and corporate sectors and to communicate with students about long-term employment prospects, core academic skills, and learning mindsets. We are hiring a learning journey mentor to guide students enrolled in our program in carrying out their personalized learning plans.

Work with learners, individually and in groups, to support them on their learning journeys by engaging in inquiry alongside them, helping them through challenges, and serving as an advocate for them with all others in the learning ecosystem.
Collaborate with learning pathways designers, learning naturalists, and competency trackers to ensure pathways are personalized and meeting learners’ needs.
Guide learners as they explore diverse career and academic options, helping them navigate various work and learning environments, and accompanying them on various excursions into the community.
Build and maintain authentic relationships with learners and families, helping them cultivate cultures of learning in all aspects of their lives.
Support learners' social-emotional development through regular one-on-one and small group advisory activitites
5+ years as a classroom teacher or learning journey mentor
Experience in inquiry-based learning and demonstrated ability to motivate independent learning
Experience facilitating in-person and online learning
Experience working with young people to build social-emotional skills
Experience facilitating academic journeys alongside career skill development and exploration, creating relevant connections among experiences
Demonstrated track record of co-creation and collaboration with learners and families as well as of collaboration with other education professionals
Ability to support up to 15 learners in pursuing personalized learning plans at any given time
Submit teaching portfolio and student work on a student-driven, inquiry-based project, with accompanying reflection on successes and areas for growth, to Felicia Clark, Hiring Manager at FlexCareerWeb Consortium.
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