Learning Naturalist

Eaglecrest Learning Commons
Irving, TX

Eaglecrest Learning Commons is seeking a learning naturalist to help set up a learning research strategy and assessment protocol for its new middle school program, “Sustaining Healthy Ecosystems.”  That program will combine social studies, environmental science, engineering, and communications curricula to engage learners in hands-on design and project work along with real-world data collection.  Students will work on their own to build fundamental skills and content knowledge, will participate in group discussion and brainstorming activities, and will contribute to problem-solving teams at various co-learning locations in the community.

Develop research approach and assessment protocol that provides clear evidence of learning in all co-learning locations.
Collaborate with teaching staff to incorporate seamless assessments in the natural course of learning and to use data to improve learning experiences.
Use technology such as embedded audio and video capture and artificial intelligence to collect, analyze, and share data.
Use data to help learning journey mentors and other educators systematically reflect on and improve their own practice and address achievement gaps.
5+ years in a learning environment with 3+ years assessment design, preferably in a competency-based or project-based setting
Experience with emerging assessment protocols and related technologies
Experience working with teaching staff and using qualitative and quantitative assessment data to inform learning experience design
Experience in educational ethnography, behavioral psychology, and quantitative and qualitative digital media content analysis is preferred
Submit a video – no longer than 2 minutes - explaining your educational philosophy to Nicholas Brooks, Manager of the Office of Learning Assessments at Eaglecrest Learning Commons. Next-round candidates will receive a sample Eaglecrest learning plan and will be asked to design a high-quality assessment protocol for it.
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