Learning Pathway Designer

April 1, 2025
Crestwood Learning Village
Baldwin, NY

Crestwood Learning Village is a custom micro-school consisting of 50 families looking for a dedicated and innovative learning pathway designer to work with students aged 8-17 in curating their learning journeys.  Crestwood believes in hands-on experiential learning and in extending learning through deep community relationships and co-learning opportunities.  We are subject-matter and grade-level agnostic.

Work with Crestwood faculty, learners, and families to curate personally relevant learning journeys and to coordinate resources and assessments to support success and enable equitable access.
Collaborate with learners and their families to set and track learner goals, in partnership with learners and families, using data analytic tools that provide insights into individual learning behaviors and outcomes and model customized pathways for success.
Architect and maintain learner playlists and portfolios, matching learners with learning journey mentors.
Develop enduring relationships with Crestwood learners and their families, providing continuity across learners’ diverse experiences over time.
Work with learners to design and conduct, qualitative in-person learning reflections and analyze quantitative learning-related data discern to patterns of performance.
Foster optimal learning climates to help learners enhance personal success and academic achievement.
6+ years designing learning pathways informed by neuro-emotion science
Creative thinker who can broker hands-on learning experiences even in a challenging economic climate
Proven ability to use both qualitative and quantitative data to inform learning
Strong relationship management and communications skills
Experience working with partners and using smart contracts
Collaborative, communicative, and a team player
Interested candidates must provide a link to their digital design portfolios and complete Crestwood’s interactive learning pathway design simulation at www.crestwoordrecruitgame.org.
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