Learning Pathway Designer

March 27, 2025
Los Angeles, CA

RestorED is a network of educational, workforce, and social service organizations committed to creating personalized, authentic learning opportunities for incarcerated youth. We are seeking a learning pathway designer who will work with learners, their families and community partners to create customized learning pathways that will meet each learner’s needs and interests.

Create customized learning pathways for RestorEd learners, including hands-on learning where appropriate.
Establish and maintain positive and collaborative relationships with learners and their families, ensuring that their learning pathways are co-created and personally relevant.
Establish and maintain relationships with community partners to identify appropriate experiences for individual learners.
Work with learning journey mentors, competency trackers, learning naturalists and learners to set goals, measure progress, and adjust learning pathways using both qualitative and quantitative data.
5+ years in curriculum development or learning pathway design
Ability to communicate in multiple languages (can be tech-enabled) and experience working with incarcerated youth strongly preferred
Strong communicator and relationship builder
Micro-credential in neuro-emotion science or equivalent experience
Total belief in every young person’s curiosity and inherent desire and potential for learning
Commitment to collaborative processes
Ability to “stay ahead of the game,” always looking for new opportunities to enrich learners’ experiences
Submit a portfolio that includes 1) evidence of past curriculum of learning pathway design, 2) a learning pathway design that would have met your needs and interests as a 12-17-year-old, and 3) a cover letter outlining your philosophies on education in incarcerated settings. Qualified candidates will be contacted to interview with a former RestorEd learner. Contact Helen Zhang for questions about the application process.
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