Micro-Credential Analyst

March 23, 2025
California Office of Education Equity and Quality
Sacramento, CA

Under the administrative direction of the Chief of Quality Assurance, the California Office of Education Equity and Quality (COEEQ) seeks an experienced micro-credential analyst to join a growing team of analysts to develop a quarterly review publication assessing the quality of micro-credentials offered by learning providers within the state.

Provide an in-depth analysis of micro-credential offerings and possible learning pathways toward achieving them, including gathering information from crowdsourcing platforms, learning agents, and learning providers.
Conduct qualitative reviews in conjunction with other micro-credential analysts to determine the success rates and trajectories of various micro-credentials and verify stated assessment objectives in relation to performance tasks..
Determine whether credential issuers have complied with assessment protocols and whether those protocols are sufficient to reflect and determine mastery.
Communicate review data in formats that are accessible to learners as well as to diverse education stakeholders such as policymakers, regional health and career services decision-makers, and employers.
Maintain up-to-date contacts and follow emerging issues that affect learning providers and credentialing
Strong commitment to and skills in collaboration with internal and external partners
Educational standards and assessment development experience preferred
Strong written and communication skills
Quantitative and qualitative research experience; algorithm design and statistical modeling experience also a plus
Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with diverse groups of stakeholders on sensitive educational issues
Send portfolio and references to Alex Brock, Chief of Quality Assurance at the COEEQ. Top applicants will be asked to evaluate an existing micro-credential program, developing and completing an assessment and analysis protocol that accounts for the program’s quality, learner satisfaction, and equity.
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