(Re) Birth



Today marks the start of a new beginning for VibrantED. What began as a hobby where I could explore new and emerging educator roles has evolved into a full-time job! As of today, my holo-blog has taken new life as a niche platform in the learning ecosystem. The VibrantED platform will match adventurous educators and people who might not think of themselves as educators with the new ecosystem roles that have started to reshape the education professions.   I hope that it will make the learning ecosystem more vibrant in the process.

I have a personal interest in exploring the many ways in which educator roles have changed since the learning ecosystem began expanding and diversifying. My parents were educators. My father was a principal, and my mother was an elementary school teacher. I witnessed firsthand how incredibly difficult being an educator can be and understand why the education landscape needed new roles with new skill sets rather than just layering more and more responsibilities upon overburdened teaching staff.

Starting in 2018, I began cataloging the roles I saw emerging, with new roles appearing what felt like every day. The educator workforce was changing so rapidly as a result of the expansion of what is now commonly referred to as the learning ecosystem. By that I mean the network of relationships among learning agents, learners, resources, and assets in a specific social, economic, and geographic context.

Early in the last decasde, accelerating technological change, the changing nature of work, increasingly sophisticated data systems, and changing social expectations had begun making it possible for learners and their families to renegotiate their relationships with traditional education institutions and, in some cases, to end them entirely.  As the learning ecosystem  expanded and diversified, new forms of “school”started proliferating in both place-based and virtual settings, and the boundaries between formal and informal learning began to meld.  Now, in 2020, competency based education and the pursuit of mastery over seat time and standardized testing have become widely accepted.  Learning playlists that curate learning resources as a means of organizing and giving students some degree of choice over their learning journeys have become as commonplace as the number two pencil.

These changes mean that the education workforce now needs individuals with a diversifying array of skill sets, including skills that many traditional schools still find it hard to imagine. As I continued to blog about the roles that I saw emerging, I noticed stories about a neuro-fitness coach being hired by a school district and a micro-credential analyst position being filled for a local learning ecosystem. What I didn’t see was a platform where people could apply for such jobs or where organizations might post similar positions that they were seeking to fill.

Seeing an opportunity, I began to assemble a team and to turn my humble holo-blog into a niche platform that links job seekers searching for a role in the expanding learning ecosystem with organizations that are looking to hire the right candidates. Today marks the first day of a new journey for VibrantED, that new platform.

We hope to play a pivotal role in facilitating the value webs that make up today’s learning ecosystem, and in doing so to make the learning ecosystem just a bit more vibrant. If you are a job seeker, we hope to help you find your niche. If you are a learning institution looking to fill a vacancy, we hope to connect you with stellar talent that will help you meet learners’ needs.

Here’s to shaping the future of learning, together.

Marcy Craig, CEO and Founder, VibrantED

Connect with Marcy on Twitter @marcy_craig.

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