Social Innovation Portfolio Director

April 1, 2025
Fortis Community Solutions
Flint, MI

We know children’s self-discovery, motivation and passion emerge when they are authentically engaged in the world around them. At Fortis Community Solutions, we invest our time and resources into connecting learners with opportunities that let them bravely take on the challenges that matter to them. The Social Innovation Portfolio Director will help children help the world.

Serve as head “matchmaker” between learner problem-based learning groups, design teams, and local community challenges, recruiting organizations to partner with student groups and facilitating relationships between them.
Establish and maintain relationships with a wide array of community stakeholders to identify resources and gaps, moving seamlessly between working with student groups and working with learning pathway designers, community groups, policymaking bodies, and business groups.
Track and report the results of student efforts, amplifying impact and facilitating collaboration between groups.
Spearhead the growth of the Social Innovation Fund, identifying new investors and involving existing investors in collaborative decisions.
7+ years in a cross-sector social change function
Experience applying design thinking methodologies to social issues
Experience engaging learners in social issues with the ability to identify interests and learning gaps.
Experience working with low-income communities preferred
Proven ability to build and sustain meaningful community relationships and foster collaboration across sectors
Proven success in investment, fundraising or crowdfunding projects
Strong belief in Fortis Community Solution’s model of learner-driven change
Contact Jermaine Brooks at Fortis Community Solutions with a matrix of community challenges facing Flint, groups currently addressing those issues, and sample projects for learners to undertake.
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