Vibrant Ed Success Stories: Heidi Perry

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I hate to admit this, but if I am being honest with myself, I was lost. I was bouncing from job to job. I had tried it all. I had helped design neuro-interface websites. I had grown artisanal, small batch genetically modified fruit (using my own design!). I had even landed a table waiting staff at one of the few high-end restaurants that still offer human interaction and not automated dinning, but nothing ever felt like the right fit.

One day, I received an e-mail about a platform that was making waves for its hiring analytics and for the types of jobs with which it was matching people. I clicked on the link out of both curiosity, and to be frank, desperation. Lo and behold, I landed on VibrantED! My life hasn’t been the same since.

When I entered the site, I was asked if I wanted to take a quiz to help determine which role or roles might be right for me. I took the quiz, but I was a bit skeptical. As I mentioned, I had tried a lot of jobs, and nothing had seemed to work for me. Despite all I had read about VibrantED’s hiring analytics, I just could not see it working for me. How wrong I was!

According to the quiz, I was most suited for the role of a “pop-up reality producer.” This match was based on my interest in new places, as well as my past experience in designing neuro-interfaces, and my love of concerts and movies. (The quiz even picked up the fact that I used to book punk shows in my teens and early twenties!)  I had heard a bit about pop-up reality producers through some articles I had read, but, not having children, I wasn’t all that familiar with what they did. After a bit of investigating, I found that the job entails using multiple forms of media, such as AR and VR, to create immersive learning experiences for students. It reminded me of the rave culture from the 1990’s I used to read about but centered on learning instead of partying.

Sufficiently impressed with VibrantED, and more importantly interested in and excited about what I had read about the pop-up reality producer role, I decided to apply. I sent my information to Learning Extravaganza, and, after a lengthy interview process, I landed an entry-level job with the organization, helping with the VR set design for their events. I quickly fell in love with building immersive worlds in which  learners could lose themselves and cultivate deep engagement. I found a level of gratification from being part of their learning journeys that I had not been able to find through any other job, and I have VibrantED to thank. Because of this site, I was able to find my niche.

Heidi Perry is the Director of Learning Extravaganza. You can connect with Heidi on twitter @learner1st.

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