Webinar Wrap Up

webinar wrap up


Last week we had the privilege of hosting a conversation between VibrantEd’s Director of Hiring Analytics Cathy Miko and CA Office of Equity Director of Emerging Credentials Department’s Alex Brock that explored what it takes to be a Micro-Credential Analyst.

For those of you who were unable to join us, a few of the highlights included Mr. Brock talking about the growing need for Micro-credential Analysts, not only in California, but nationwide. As he put it, “The ways in which we educate learners and the variety of locations to which a learner can go as part of his or her learning journey will continue to expand and diversify. This expansion and diversification is fueling the development and employment of new forms of assessment and credentials. We expect new credentials to continue to emerge, and as they do we have a responsibility to learners to ensure their quality, not only here in California but all over the country.”

When asked what skills an applicant would need to be a Micro-credential Analyst, Brock replied, “I should begin by saying this isn’t a role we traditionally associate with education, like the teacher and administrator roles that used to prevail. We recognize that there is one dominant route to becoming certified for this position. That said, the ideal candidate would have strong collaborative skills, strong written and oral communication skills, experience in quantitative and qualitative research, and knowledge of educational standards and assessment as well as algorithm design. “

We would like to thank Mr. Brock for his time and insights as part of the very first VibrantED webinar!

Questions about micro-credential analysts? Connect with Alex on Twitter @abrock_outdoors.

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